Dante Jaramillo

Dante Jaramillo


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Dante Jaramillo, Assistant Director of Marketing for the College of Professional and Continuing Studies, brings a wealth of experience to their role. A proud Texas native, Dante joined the Mississippi State family in 2023.

With a robust background in marketing, communications, and leadership, Dante is passionate about brand storytelling and is committed to fostering strategic vigor within higher education institutions. As an advocate for student success, they strive to create impactful connections between educational offerings and the students they serve.

Dante’s professional journey spans various domains, including corporate, freelance and higher education. Their approach to projects and team building is interdisciplinary, drawing from diverse perspectives to achieve innovative solutions. Beyond their work, Dante is a strong proponent of lifelong learning and actively participates in organizations like UPCEA and The National Institute for Social Media.

M.A., University of Texas at Dallas, Emerging Media Studies
Thesis, Human Hybrids: The Digital Extensions of the Self 

B.A., University of Texas at Dallas, Arts, Technology and Emerging Media

A.S., Dallas College, Social Sciences 

Italian Language and Culture: Beginner, Wellesley College

SMS, Social Media Strategist, The National Institute for Social Media