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Public Management

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About the Program

KEY INFORMATION: We are excited to announce the introduction of a new major within the Bachelor of Applied Science (BAS) program at Mississippi State University that started in January 2024. This innovative major replaces the previous emphasis area in Public Management emphasis area.

The Bachelor of Applied Science in Public Management is tailored to meet the needs of experienced professionals with an associate degree in public safety majors, such as fire science, law enforcement, or emergency medical services. Many municipalities and public safety departments now require a bachelor's degree for higher-level designations, such as manager or chief. This program equips students with essential knowledge and skills for leadership positions in public safety and is available in online, in-person, and hybrid formats.

Salary and Career Information

BAS in Public Management Salary and Career Information


Emergency Management Directors

Number of Jobs: 10,600

Median Pay: $76,730/year

Predicted Employment Change: +900

% Projected Outlook: 2% (2024)


Fire Officer

Number of Jobs: 82,800

Median Pay: $78,230/year

Predicted Employment Change: +6,500

% Projected Outlook: 6% (2024)

Outlook: GOOD

Police Captain

Number of Jobs: 189,300

Median Pay: $76,624/year

Predicted Employment Change: +10,000

% Projected Outlook: 5% (2024)

Outlook: GOOD

At a Glance

Program Snapshot


Program Format: Face-to-Face and Online

Number of Credit Hours: 120 Total Hours

Entry Term: Fall, Spring, Summer

Time to Complete: 4-5 semesters


Degree Map


Ensure a smooth journey to graduation with our tailored degree pathway, organizing your courses semester by semester, year by year, for optimal progression in your transfer major.

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Public Management

The courses below are the most common course selections from the Public Management BAS major.

PCS 2111 Introduction to the Bachelor of Applied Science

Time 1 HOUR  |  Location  Online

PCS 3003 Workplace Communication and Collaboration for Professionals

Time 3 HOURS  |  Location   Starkville, Online

PCS 3103 Professional Leadership Strategies

Time 3 HOURS  |  Location  Online

PCS 4003 Personnel Management for the Public Sector

Time 3 HOURS  |  Location  Online

CO 3803 Principles of Public Relations

Time 3 HOURS  |  Location   Online

CO 4043 Communication and Leadership

Time 3 HOURS  |  Location  Starkville, Online

MGT 3113 Principles of Management

Time 3 HOURS  |  Location   Starkville, Online

MGT 3823 Socially Responsible Leadership

Time 3 HOURS  |  Location  Starkville, Online

PS 3193 Intergovernmental Relations

Time 3 HOURS  |  Location   Starkville, Online

PS 4703 Principles of Public Administration

Time 3 HOURS  |  Location   Starkville, Online

TECH 3133 Administrative Management and Procedures

Time 3 HOURS  |  Location   Starkville, Online

TECH 4263 Diversity in Work and Educational Environments

Time 3 HOURS  |  Location   Starkville, Online

PCS 4112 Professional Success Strategies in Applied Fields

Time 2 HOURS  |  Location   Starkville, Online


Bachelor of Applied Science Degree Benefits

  • Success Oriented – Students in the BAS program have an average of 3.20 GPA overall. Over 15 students have gone on to pursue graduate degrees after earning their BAS degree.
  • Expert Faculty – Benefit from distinguished faculty with real-world experience and innovative research.
  • Customized Degree Pathway – Tailor your study to lead to a BAS degree, fitting your career goals.
  • Practical Learning Experience – Gain hands-on training through classroom work, teamwork, and group projects.
  • Broad Career Horizons – Enjoy diverse career options leading to employment in various fields.

Upcoming BAS Majors

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Public Management
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