Majors & Programs

Majors and Programs

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BAS Student

Applied Science

This BAS major offers an unparalleled level of flexibility through its uniquely designed program. Tailored for those seeking to elevate their technical prowess in any career field, students have the opportunity to customize their learning journey by selecting two Emphasis Areas, each comprising 15 hours, to fulfill degree requirements.

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Business Office Technology

This major is one of the most popular choices among BAS students. This program combines the necessary courses in the Business and Technology departments to provide graduates with the skills needed to manage human and technology resources in today's dynamic business and industry settings.

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Public Management

This major stands as a preferred choice among our Bachelor of Applied Science students in public or emergency management. This program equips graduates with the comprehensive knowledge and skills needed to adeptly coordinate, develop, and oversee the resources of diverse public safety agencies.

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Engage VR Creator Micro-certificate


The Engage VR Creator graduate micro-certificate offers a cutting-edge addition to traditional degrees. Students with elective space can enhance their skills, making it a perfect way to level up your degree at State!

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Exploring Beyond: Discover More Online Degree Options

While our college is proud to offer specialized programs tailored to meet specific career and academic goals, we understand the importance of providing a diverse array of educational opportunities. That is why we are excited to highlight that Mississippi State Online, who is also a part of our college, extends your choices far beyond our college’s offerings. With over 100 online degrees available through various colleges at Mississippi State University, you are not limited by choice but empowered by it. Explore a world of possibilities and find the path that aligns perfectly with your aspirations and career objectives. Dive into our extensive catalog today and see where your academic journey can take you.