Dr. Kenna Vowell

Dr. Kenna Vowell


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Kenna Vowell is a distinguished Instructor within the College of Professional and Continuing Studies at Mississippi State University, where she has significantly contributed to the educational landscape over a decade. Her career, marked by versatility and depth, encompasses roles as an elementary school teacher, research assistant, project manager, and an Instructional Designer in the Center for Distance Education. Kenna's expertise in curriculum development is not just a testament to her innovative approach but also her dedication to crafting educational experiences that are both engaging and effective.

Her tenure in education is distinguished by a profound commitment to sound instructional practices. Kenna is recognized for her ability to merge traditional pedagogical principles with contemporary educational needs, thereby enhancing the learning journey for a diverse student body. This blend of foundational and modern approaches underpins her success in creating curricula that are responsive, inclusive, and geared toward holistic student development.

Kenna's research interests further underscore her commitment to advancing the field of education. She is deeply invested in exploring the dynamics of Organizational Leadership and Institutional Culture and their impact on the educational ecosystem. Her dedication to understanding Non-Traditional Student Success is particularly noteworthy, as it aligns with her passion for making education accessible and meaningful to all. Additionally, her focus on Online Pedagogy reflects her ongoing quest to refine and enhance the delivery of online education.

Ph.D., Mississippi State University

M.S., Mississippi State University

B.S., William Carey University

PCS 2111 Introduction to Applied Science

PCS 3003 Professional Collaboration and Technology in the Workplace