Lily Hudson

Lily Hudson


  • Staff


  • BAS Advisor, Online Programs


Lily Hudson, the Online Advisor for the Bachelor of Applied Science program, brings a wide range of experience in higher education administration to her role, having spent several years working at the University of Memphis. She was excited to return to her alma mater, Mississippi State University, in 2022, to serve as an online coordinator for the Center of Distance Education.

With over a decade of experience in higher education, Lily is dedicated to guiding students towards academic excellence. Driven by her passion for student success, she ensures that all learners, especially those in online programs, receive comprehensive support throughout their academic journey. Her approach to advising is characterized by flexibility and an understanding that each student is unique, ensuring that every individual receives the guidance they require to successfully complete their degree.

Recently, Lily made the decision to return to school to pursue a Master of Public Policy and Administration, with graduated expected in May 2024. She’s passionate about public service, organizational management and ensuring policies and programs are effectively implemented.

M.P.P.A., Public Policy and Administration, Mississippi State University

B.A., Mississippi State University