Accelerate Your Path to a Bachelor’s Degree at Mississippi State University

Accelerate Your Path to a Bachelor’s Degree at Mississippi State University

In today’s fast-paced world, the journey to further one’s education and career opportunities is more flexible and accessible than ever before. At Mississippi State University (MSU) and the College of Professional and Continuing Studies (CPCS), we understand the unique needs of adult learners and those seeking online education options. Our programs are designed to meet you where you are, offering modular and stackable pathways that lead to rewarding career and personal outcomes. Here are three ways you can complete your bachelor’s degree faster with MSU and CPCS, ensuring your education journey is tailored to fit your life.

Credit for Prior Learning and Experience

MSU recognizes the rich knowledge and skills that adult learners bring to their academic pursuits. Through some degrees offered at CPCS's Center for Distance Education, we offer credit for prior learning (CPL), allowing students to earn college credit for learning acquired outside traditional academic environments. This can significantly accelerate your path to a degree by acknowledging professional experience, military service, and other educational training.

  • The CPCS is working with our centers to expand student's CPL options to make it clear all the ways you can use your education, work, and military experience to count towards your degree.

Accelerated Online Courses and Programs

At Mississippi State University, we're proud to offer a suite of accelerated online degree programs tailored to accommodate the hectic lives of working professionals. Among these, the Bachelor of Applied Science (BAS) and the Complete 2 Compete (C2C) programs stand out for their flexibility and relevance. The BAS program caters specifically to individuals who have earned or are on the verge of completing technical degrees such as AAS and AAT. The College of Professional and Continuing Studies (CPCS) not only oversees this program but also offers specialized majors in Applied Science, Business Office Technology, and Public Management. For additional emphasis areas within the BAS program managed by other departments, please refer to the website provided below.

On the other hand, the C2C program aims to forge a path for eligible adult learners who have yet to finish their baccalaureate degrees, enabling them to return to Mississippi State University to pursue a University Studies degree. Both the BAS and C2C programs are structured to be completed within 120 credit hours, offering a swift yet comprehensive educational journey that does not compromise on quality.

Stackable Credentials and Modular Learning

At CPCS, we champion the concept of stackable credentials and modular learning as a pathway to a bachelor’s degree. This approach allows learners to accumulate certificates and microcredentials that directly contribute to their degree. Each step is designed to provide immediate value, enhancing your resume and career opportunities even before you've completed your degree. CPCS is currently building non-credit to micro-credential to credit to degree pathways like the graphic below created by UPCEA.

UPCEA Overview of Stackable Credentials

Stackable pathways, when implemented with a steadfast commitment to quality and relevance, have been demonstrated in numerous studies to significantly enhance social and economic mobility, elevate employment opportunities and wages, fortify equity among citizens, and cultivate a spirit of lifelong learning. This approach to education not only aligns with the evolving needs of today's workforce but also underscores the vital role that continuous learning plays in personal and professional development.

Why Choose MSU and CPCS?

Choosing to complete your bachelor’s degree with MSU and the College of Professional and Continuing Studies means joining a community that values flexibility, innovation, and the success of its students. Our programs are tailored to meet the needs of adult learners, with support services designed to assist you every step of the way. From career counseling to academic advising, we’re here to ensure your educational journey is successful and aligned with your personal and professional goals.

Our commitment to stackable pathways is more than just a methodological choice; it's a reflection of our dedication to empowering individuals, bridging gaps in access to education, and contributing to the broader goals of societal advancement. As we continue to expand our offerings and innovate in the field of adult education, MSU and CPCS stand as thought leaders in the region for online and adult learning. Explore our degree programs and join a community of learners who are advancing their education and careers on their terms.